Signs of a Successful Idea

Business person having an idea light bulb conceptThink you have a great idea? Or maybe you’re not so sure. Well, there are signs out there that indicate whether or not an idea will be successful or not.

Here are five questions to ask yourself to know if your idea is a good one or not.

Does it solve a problem?

An idea that solves a problem or makes life more convenient for people is typically a good one. You don’t even have to think of a new problem to solve, just a new way of solving it. Making life easier for people is a great way to make an idea successful.

Is it scalable?

Scalability is about creating bridges not barriers in order to grow your idea. Can your idea be adapted to fulfill various types of demand and fulfill the need of different market sizes?

Can you profit?

Being able to sell your product at an attractive price that allows you to make a good profit is important, otherwise, the idea might not be worth investing in.

Is it unique?

An idea that is easily copied or improved probably isn’t the best one. Coming up with something unique is hard, but keeping it that way can be even harder once word of your great idea gets out.

What’s your gut tell you?

You can run all the tests you want or question yourself until you’re blue in the face, but ultimately if your gut tells you that your idea is going to be successful then you might as well pursue it wholeheartedly.

Some research into Tristar Products review will reveal how invention companies can help make your idea a reality.

Here are some of Tristar Products’ idea success stories:

Don Brown –Inventor of The Ab Roller

“I did my first prototype with a bent paperclip. Tristar Engineers turned it into the Ab Roller, and now it is the number one fitness product in the world.”

Gary Ragner – Inventor of The Flex-Able Hose

“I hated rolling up my hose and designed one that retracts by itself. I took it to Tristar and my hose that fits in your pocket created a completely new category on television and in Retail Home & Garden Departments.”

Maria McCool – Inventor of The Perfecter

“I developed a new a hair tool for my local customers. Tristar partnered with me in creating the Perfecter and it grew beyond my local Pennsylvania customers into a worldwide international sensation!”


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