Tristar Inc. Reviews Breathtaking Bathroom Inventions

Modern bathroom interior with glass door shower and white cabineMuch like everything else in life, people are always looking for ways to save time and make life easier on themselves, even in the bathroom. We all spend some of our day in the bathroom, but many are most likely unaware of some of the coolest bathroom inventions that are available.

October is National Kitchen and Bath Month, and to celebrate, Tristar Inc. reviews some of the most innovative and awesome inventions for the bathroom.

Heated Towel Rack

Who doesn’t love a fresh, warm bath towel after stepping out of the shower? Not only will this heated towel rack warm your towel for you while you bathe, it also incentivizes users to actually hang up their towels, as opposed to just folding them or throwing them in a pile.

Toilet Seat Lifter

No one really feels like touching the toilet sit when they go to the bathroom, even in their own home. But the toilet seat lifter pedal solves that problem. Just press your foot down on the pedal and your toilet seat will go up without you having to place a finger on it.

Shaving Pedestal

Trying to balance on one foot while shaving your legs in the shower can be a dangerous situation. But a shower foot rest makes this a much safer task. Position the wall-mounted pedestal at a height that works for you and you’ll always have a place to securely put your foot while shaving.

Mirror Wiper

Sometimes even the strongest bathroom fans or an open window can’t prevent the bathroom mirror from fogging up after a hot shower. But there’s no longer the need to wait a minute for the mirror to clear up after a shower thanks to the bathroom mirror wiper blade. Secure the blade to your mirror with its suction cup and it will be ready for use whenever you need it.

Toothpaste Squeezer

Struggling to get the last little bit of toothpaste out of its tube can be a hassle and cause a mess. But with the rolling toothpaste squeezer, you’ll never waste any toothpaste again. Attach this item to your bathroom mirror, secure your toothpaste tube, and start rolling as your toothpaste dispenses perfectly and cleanly.

Tristar Inc. reviews the latest and great inventions and innovations on the market. Be sure to keep up with Tristar Inc. reviews to learn more about trends and topics of creativity.


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