The Making of a Tristar Inc. Products Review

When inventors bring their ideas to Tristar Inc., they get the ultimate product creation and marketing experience that typically leads to a glowing Tristar Inc. products review.

Tristar puts inventors on the fast track to success by taking their ideas from concept to creation. With more than 25 years of experience to its name, Tristar has the expertise to make your product a market leader without you having to go anywhere else.

Tristar will market your brand domestically and internationally, while using its network of celebrity endorsers and major retailers to help you establish market dominance.

Tristar’s engineering department can turn your big idea into a prototype faster than other top invention companies. Tristar uses its partner factories to handle the manufacturing of its products, while its award-winning commercial production department utilizes the 65,000-square-foot studio to create your media campaign and promote your product. Each year Tristar’s media department spends more than $100 million dollars to make sure the inventors who work with Tristar are getting the most from their services. The money spent on these campaigns includes television advertisements as well as social media campaigns.

This all-inclusive, “360-degree marketing” approach has led to many notable Tristar success stories and hundreds of millions of dollars in sales per brand. The inventors of these products are always thrilled that they partnered with Tristar and can’t wait to tell people about the great services they received. They even typically take the time to say thanks by writing this type of raving Tristar Inc. products review:

“I did my first prototype with a bent paperclip. Tristar Engineers turned it into the Ab Roller, and now it is the number one fitness product in the world.” – Don Brown, Inventor of the Ab Roller

“I hated rolling up my hose and designed one that retracts by itself. I took it to Tristar and my hose that fits in your pocket created a completely new category on television and in Retail Home & Garden Departments.” – Gary Ragner, Inventor of the Flex-Able Hose

“I developed a new a hair tool for my local customers. Tristar partnered with me in creating the Perfecter and it grew beyond my local Pennsylvania customers into a worldwide international sensation!” – Maria McCool, Inventor of The Perfecter

To write your own Tristar Inc. products review, visit Tristar’s website and tell the world how this premier invention company helped get you on your way.


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