Tristar Inc. Reviews the Origin of Braille

It’s no secret that Tristar Inc. reviews trending topics, products and inventions. And to celebrate National Braille Literacy Month this January, the most recent installment of our Tristar Inc. reviews takes a look at the origin of Braille.

Braille is the system of writing and reading that is used by many blind people around the world and it was invented nearly 200 years ago by Louis Braille.

Many types of communication systems were attempted during the early-to-mid 1800s, but it was the one invented by Louis Braille, a blind teenager himself, that fully caught on. Although some modifications have been made over the years, the Braille that is used today is still the same as it was when it was first adopted in 1834.

Louis Braille was born in Paris in 1809. His father was a leather worker who had many sharp tools lying around his shop. One day Louis had an accident while playing in his father’s shop and injured his eye. Infection set in and soon left Louis completely blind.

Throughout grade school, Louis would learn mostly by sitting in classrooms and just listening to what was being taught. But when he attended an institution for the blind, he discovered a few books that had raised print that were developed by the school’s founder. While Louis learned to use these books as a useful tool, he dreamt of developing a better way.

While still a student, he began using his creativity to develop quicker and easier ways for blind people to read and write. He heard of a system that was developed by a French Army captain and involved raised letters. These raised dots and dashes were initially developed so that French soldiers could read messages at night without needing any light, but Louis saw this as a springboard toward the future.

Louis took the basic ideas from this system and simplified them to create a system of his own that is known today as Braille. His code is based on the normal alphabet and he reduced the number of dots that were used by the French Army by half.

Louis Braille published the first Braille book in 1829, and by 1837 he was already adding symbols for math and music. It is now the standard form of writing and reading used by blind people everywhere.

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